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Conasauga Snorkel

Conasauga Snorkeling Trip or Cohutta Camping & Snorkeling Adventure // June 6-8

On June 6 - 8, the Georgia Conservancy, with the help and guidance of the Cherokee National Forest of the US Forest Service, will host its annual Conasauga River Snorkeling Trip. New this year is the opportunity to perform service work in or around the Cohutta Wilderness and partake in a snorkel on Sunday morning.

Register for our day trip on Saturday, June 7 or our weekend trip June 6 - 8. Each trip includes a freshwater mountain snorkeling session! 


Snorkeling-only day trip on Saturday, June 7:
$30 per person, $100 for a family of four (includes a Saturday snorkel, wetsuit, mask, "viewing bucket" and lunch by the river). 

Camping and Snorkeling in the Cohuttas: June 6 - 8: $75 per person, $125 per couple, $200 for a family of four (includes a Sunday snorkel, a dedicated day hiking around the Cohutta Wilderness, evening activities, 4 wholesome meals, access to Georgia Conservancy's complementary gear bank of REI tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads). We will camp out at the private Mulberry Campground just south of the Cohutta Wilderness. Camping inclueds bathrooms, electricity and shower house. More details here:

Camping and Snorkel trip description:

On Friday, June 6th, Georgia Conservancy will welcome guests at the Mulberry Gap campground. The Georgia Conservancy has tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads available for campers to rent free of charge and will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for camping guests. On Saturday, the guests are free to explore the Cohutta Wilderness on their own. Georgia Conservancy staff can make recommendations on hiking and swiming options, but will not lead guided trips per Forest Service reglations.

Snorkel only trip description:

For "day snorkelers" registration includes lunch and a guided snorkel (wetsuit and snorkel provided).Day trip snorkelers will meet at the Cisco Baptist Church (Highway 411 and Old Highway 2, Cisco, GA) at 9:30 a.m. and caravan into the snorkel site. 

One of the most popular and awe-inspiring trips that the Conservancy hosts each year, the Conasauga River Snorkel has introduced hundreds of curious members, friends and volunteers to the wonders of the river.

The headwaters of the Conasauga and Jack’s rivers originate within the Cohutta Wilderness, a federally-protected wilderness area located in the mountains of north Georgia and southeast Tennessee.  As a result, our snorkeling destination, located at the edge of the expansive Cohuttas, provides visitors with the chance to experience one of the most biologically diverse sections of river in North America. The two remote mountain rivers offer wildlife miles of unspoiled sanctuary and are home to over 70 species of fish - twice as many than are found in the entire western United States. Some of these species are found nowhere else on Earth.

Though not attire usually associated with the mountains, participants don wetsuits, a mask and snorkel to catch a glimpse of these colorful, native fish, both large and small.

Watch a video from the 2012 Conasauga River Snorkel below (change quality to HD for best viewing):

Finished in 1940 by the Civilian Conservation Corps on the southwestern edge of the remote Cohutta Wilderness, the 19-acre spring-fed Lake Conasauga is Georgia's highest and one of its most beautiful mountain lakes. The lake and its campgrounds, or a nearby group camping area, will be the location of the Friday and Saturday evening campout.

A contingent of Georgia Conservancy campers will meet in Chatsworth on Friday evening and carpool into Lake Conasauga (as the drive alone can seem treacherous if it is your first time in the Cohuttas).

Note: This is a rain or shine trip. Even through rain will diminish the snorkeling experience, we cannot offer refunds.

What you will see:

The Conasauga River is one of the most biologically diverse rivers in the nation. You will be amazed by the number of fish you will see and their different sizes, shapes and colors.

Click here to download
the full guide to the fish of the Conasauga River. It is a LARGE document and will take several minutes to download.

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a smaller brochure that highlights the snorkeling experience.